Here’s what you missed on last week’s episode:

s(digital drawing courtesy of my friend: @yazzimojo)

  • I’m Kobi.
  • I’m a 25 year-old, college-educated Philly native
  • This originally started as a semester-long project highlighting the struggles and achievements of black people, but I have decided to convert this into a personal blog.
  • Bi + Black + Son of an immigrant, so intersectionality matters
  • Social media manager for Glbl Vllg; server/bartender
  • Occasionally, I take photos, sing, write poetry, and serve looks.
  • Health is wealth. Positive vibes are encouraged.
  • Travel enthusiast
  • I’ll tackle topics relevant to my life and identities.

Join me on my journey to save the world and spread a little joy along the way…or to get adopted by Will Smith (whichever comes first)!

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