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Parts Unknown

TW: Suicide/depression.

Heavy. I was just watching Parts Unknown (had no clue it was on Netflix). It was an episode I had never seen before when Anthony Bourdain visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. They mentioned how big of an industry psychotherapy is there and how it’s normal for everyone who can afford it to visit a therapist. Not only was the cinematography and storytelling beautiful, it was a pretty candid episode. He visited a therapist in the episode and talked openly about how he traveled about 200+ days out of the year, how he has random bouts of crippling depression, how he’s great at communicating via tv/books but struggles with communicating with loved ones, and how he often feels extremely lonely. He mentioned a recurring nightmare where he’s trapped in a hotel and can’t find the exit and, when asked by someone where is his home, he can’t seem to recall it. I shed a tear. It’s weird now, man, knowing that this ultimately led to his passing via suicide. I’ve already made a lengthy Instagram post about his passing so no need to restate it. But, literally all the signs were there. He even lamented how he was one of the luckiest people in the world and his work wasn’t hard, but that happiness seemed to constantly evade him. The episode was brilliantly shot. I could wholeheartedly relate. He’s still one of my travel heroes and one of the best storytellers. It scared me because he’s doing exactly what I dream to do and I’m afraid I’d fall to a similar fate. I do a lot of self work to negate that, but there’s always more to be done. I’ve especially struggled to continue to create authentic and relevant content via blogging, social media,etc, not viewing my peers and their achievements as a goal, and finding inspiration/motivation to relate to others. But I know that since God has given me gifts, it’d be a waste not to use them for the betterment of others as best as I know how. I can’t pour from an empty glass, though, so I have to remain self-ful(as Iyanla put it) while avoiding being selfish. I’m gonna buy his book. It’s just another personal reminder that as long as I’m placing happiness in things and people, then happiness will never be with me. Anxiety and depression run rampant through my peers, especially those in the creative community. Here’s a reminder, once again, to check on your friends. Those you have ought with, those you want to get closer to, those whose mere presence brings joy to your existence. Even some of the most brilliant and successful people could benefit from your support. I got the chance to go to about three different shows/events this week and support some talented local peers. In doing so, I’m allowing myself to give love and welcoming it in return. Continuously love on each other unabashedly, man. It’s necessary. That’s all. Just reflecting and oversharing as usual. And no, my transparency is not a cry for help. I pick my mind so that you don’t have to. Sorry it isn’t wrapped in a spoken word bow or a grammatically-correct blog post bouquet to make it more palatable for you guys.

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